Black Eye Beans (Chora)

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Like its many bean cousins, black-eye beans are full of fiber but no doubt super delicious. Black Eye Beans are a perfect staple to have in your pantry and their taste is wonderful in so many dishes!

  • Also called Cowpea, Black-Eyed Pea, Lobia & Chora.
  • Known to have originated from West Africa.
  • Health Benefits: This SUPERFOOD is packed with protein and fiber, and is a good for weight loss diet. It also keeps cholesterol levels lowered.
  • It is cooked in plenty of ways in Asia and elsewhere. For instance in Vietnam to make a dessert called Che Dau Trang, in Trinidad & Tobago to make beans & rice. In India, similar to other dal preparations.
  • Pure & Nutritious Pulses in environmental friendly recyclable stand up pouch providing food safe environment.
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