Our mission is to punctually satisfy the needs of our customers by delivering in their hands carefully selected the freshest pulses from highest altitude & cleanest soils of America’s finest growing region preserving its natural form, pureness and nutrition by securing its storage environment and filling up store shelves with bright colorful exclusive stand-up pouch with full respect for people, and environment.


  • 100% Goodness & Healthy Wholesomeness produced from America’s cleanest & snow nurtured soil.
  • Easy to Cook since they are pure & natural.
  • Premium Quality graded by USDA Laboratory.
  • Tough & colorful stand-up pouch with Zip-lock seal providing ideal environment for pulses allowing 24 Months Shelf Life.
  • Dedicated Portal www.pulsehealth.in.

From soil to shelf, beans can serve as the centerpiece for educational outreach and lesson plans involving agriculture and food production, nutrition and health, food preparation, consumer economics and more.

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